About us

Raising Roots is an NGO that works with communities to empower parents, guardians and caregivers with parenting skills through training sessions and interventions in different regions around the country.

Raising Roots is a 360 degree childhood development platform that works at multiple levels: the individual, the family and the community.

Raising Roots makes use of a toolkit to address major parenting skills and pillars of child development. This is supported with train-the-trainer type training classes in communities, where participants get the opportunity to discuss key topics and share their challenges and successes. As information cascades into communities, it is envisaged that a ripple of change will start to move communities to more healthy and responsible behaviours.

Key to Raising Roots is that it works with communities, delivering solutions to localized problems. A multitude of social issues exist in communities across the country which Raising Roots recognizes can be an obstacle to effective parenting.

To address this, Raising Roots provides support and education in other areas, creating holistic interventions. In some instances Raising Roots partners with other non-profit organisations in the community to provide education, training and support on topics such as tunnel gardening, personal finance and career development.


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