What we do


Raising Roots delivers ECD training and parenting training to the communities.

Raising Roots Toolkit

Raising Roots has created a comprehensive 2 part toolkit that focuses on ECD training and childcare.

The first part of the Raising Roots toolkit highlights that there are 5 pillars that are essential for childhood development.


All these pillars speak to a different aspect of the child’s life that will help them grow into a well-rounded human being who will be more likely to succeed.

The second section of the toolkit focuses on parenting skills and how to raise children at different stages of their lives. From behaviour, discipline to communication, the toolkit highlights what to expect at different ages and how to best deal with problems that come up.


Training Classes

The entire toolkit can be trained over a full XX day period. It can also be broken into several parts, for shorter training sessions.

The training allows participants to work through the information and have several discussion forums. Raising Roots believes that the more discussion on topics, the better the information will be absorbed. It is through discussion with peers that one learns of other’s obstacles and successes, allowing one to address potential challenges before they occur. Furthermore, through discussion a supportive environment is created that aids learning and implementation.

A master Raising Roots trainer will conduct the training in a language appropriate to the specific community. This allows individuals to access information in a format that they understand and appreciate, which lowers the barriers to conversion. The Raising Roots trainer will also have a deep understanding of the material from a personal and practical perspective, ensuring that as day-to-day challenges are raised, personal stories can be shared as potential solutions.

Participants in the master training sessions are selected either as a result of their involvement in another organization or community forum, or they are volunteers. In either case, it is important that participants are passionate about learning and prepared to lead their communities in future projects.

These participants are also expected to share their knowledge with other community members. During the main training, they will also be given training on community mobilization and facilitation, which will empower them to share the Raising Roots material with others, creating a further group of knowledge and support.

Throughout the training, men and women are encouraged to participate. Parenting is an activity that should be fully supported and enjoyed by both parents, and through Raising Roots, the necessary skills are provided to mothers and fathers.

ECD Busses

Raising Roots works closely with Stormrader Development, another NGO offering exciting and innovative projects to community members. Raising Roots has lent its brand and knowledge to Stormrader Development in the creation and implantation of 10 buses that act as mobile ECD and counseling platforms.

These buses are emblazoned with beautiful aesthetic design and the Raising Roots branding. Inside, the buses are carefully fitted with tools and finishings that will support the work being done by the bus. For example, the ECD bus has a full play room inside the bus encouraging the cognitive development of babies and toddlers. The counseling bus has several discrete cubicles, allowing for confidential counseling to take place.

This project is supported by the Gauteng Department of Social Development, who see the value in bringing the Raising Roots brand directly into communities who are otherwise unable to access services.

This innovative solution is cost effective and high impact, with more buses expected to be rolled out soon. Watch out for them on your roads!

Community days

Raising Roots hosts community days to support its community training. This is done to bring excitement into the community, and demonstrate that the brand is operating for the good of the entire community. It brings the Raising Roots knowledge closer to all community members, encouraging participation in the training groups (master or peer) as well as working to shift perceptions on parenting.

Community days are created according to the needs to the community, the sponsor’s objectives and the overall budget. This means that no two community days are the same, rather, each is a fresh experience for the community. Community days can include local music artists performing, or a talent show offered by the children of the community. At other days, the community gogos have sung and danced, and the local choir performed. Where the community is seeking an opportunity for entrepreneurs, local business owners are encouraged to open stalls selling their wares and food.

The community days speak to the holistic nature of Raising Roots, creating a lived brand experience where there is something fun and meaningful for every member of the family and community.

Days such as these are important for social cohesion and for people to live the saying, it takes a community to raise a child.


Raising Roots has several community ambassadors and national ambassadors. These individuals are selected on the basis of their ability to lead a community, and that they exemplify a good parent. As ambassadors they are expected to have an ability to speak to others about raising their children and support parenting groups. They are responsible parents who are committed to raising healthy children and building their community.

Changing the face of the community

One activity Raising Roots particularly enjoys doing is painting local centres in the bright and colourful Raising Roots colours and branding. The splash of paint from walls emboldened in blue, red, yellow and other colours brings a smile to community members where their environment is changing before their eyes, replicating the change in themselves as parents, in their family and in their community – all as a result of Raising Roots.

Local centres are selected to be painted on the basis of their visibility, community status, use by community members, size and ability to be painted. In some instance where painting has been impossible, Raising Roots has instead erected a Raising Roots sign board, displaying the centre’s name and contact details.


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