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GloriaLetter from Gloria Khoza on Parenting

Letter from Gloria Khoza on Parenting

Raising toddlers, tweens or teenagers could leave you frustrated, worried, stressed and feeling guilty because things do not always work the way we wish them to…but working on Raising Roots I have learned a few things that can provide some relief.

Over the years, Raising Roots has developed programmes and curriculae that can make parenting children and teenagers less difficult and stressful, and this way Raising Roots has helped many parents, caregivers and teachers to gain more knowledge, patience and confidence in their parenting.

As a parent myself, and my active involvement on a parenting programme in Diepsloot, I have learned that parenting should not be a struggle, especially if you are equipped with the right knowledge and information that will build a healthy relationship with your children. Parenting comes down to knowing how to relate to your child; understanding what is behind some of their outbursts, so you can deal with them the right way; and building a strong, co-operative and understanding relationship that can stand the test of time. Knowing what to do as a parent ensures that your kids know they are loved, and wanted no matter what – and most importantly that they have you as a role model on how to live a rewarding life!

Parenting is not easy, but I want to assure you that you are doing a great job! And through positive parenting, your kids will turn out just fine…

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